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Are you looking for a web developer or freelancer to bring your app idea to life?

I can definitely help. Together we can build something awesome!

My name is Roman Axelrod, I am an experienced Web Developer. I’m very passionate about what I do, and I love building the software tools and systems businesses that businesses need to thrive.

I have built a strong understanding of web technologies in real-world business environments. I know how to develop projects from scratch, and carry them straight through to production level using the right frameworks and technologies.

Perhaps more importantly, I have the project management experience necessary to lead a project according to a plan.

I hope you’ll find my services useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me, even if it’s just to discuss your project and how I might be able to help.

FAQ - How it works

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My Work Process

Every project is planned completely before work begins. I typically use a task manager such as Asana or Taiga. These are extremely helpful tools that help you to understand the ‘big picture’ of a project. However, I am flexible enough to use your preferred project management tool if required.

Keeping You Updated

Some projects require a daily meetings, some once a week, and some at irregular intervals. No matter what, my clients receive frequent progress reports via email.

Communicating With Me

I am a freelancer, and I work remotely. That means all meetings and communication will be handled digitally.

For video calls, I prefer to use Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet. For instant messaging I like to use Slack, so I can be always available for my clients during working hours. Again, I can use your preferred app if required.

Of course, every project is unique, so I can’t provide a definitive list of my prices. The following is a guide which we can follow to price out your project.
Feel free to ask me for an estimate at any time.

  • Systems & Web Apps - These projects typically require front-end and server-side development, building APIs, integrations, dealing with data etc...

    Price: Starts from $4500
  • PWA - Progressive web apps - These front-end projects often use the Angular framework. Ideally, I’d receive a design and working API from a Client to manage the data. Otherwise I can use server-less tools like FireBase.

    Price: Starts from $2800
  • Websites - I build both WordPress and static HTML/CSS websites for my clients. Ideally, I’d receive a design (in PSD) from the client and take the whole process from there, including building a template, deploying the web site to server, pairing HTTPS (secured connection) and setup of your domain.

    Price: Starts from $750
  • Landing page - Each landing page is very unique. Some have forms, others feature visual effects, etc. You should really discuss your needs with me before budgeting!

    Price: Starts from $200
  • Bugs fixing / Improvements / Performance optimization - This is very bespoke custom work of course. A task might take 1 hour, another several days. Again, I’ll be happy to give you an estimate once I understand your needs.

    Price: Start from $100

I prefer to build long-term working relationships. That means that well after a project is delivered, I will be available for support, tweaks, changes or even a complete rebuild.

I offer a guarantee to fix any "bugs" discovered (or created) in the 30 days following project delivery. After that, I’ll be available on a paid basis – simply contact me and we can move your business forward together.

Frontend Development

I provide high-end web architecture development, performance tuning and UI enhancement.

  • Angular / AngularJS
  • RxJS + Redux
  • Backbone & jQuery
  • JavaScript / ECMAScript (ES6)
  • Bootstrap / Material Design
  • Responsive Design
  • PSD to HTML & custom design solutions
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Backend Development

I structure stable server back-ends which provide various APIs and integrations to external services or apps.

  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • SQL / NoSQL
  • Firebase
  • APIs & Integrations
  • Linux, Docker
  • AWS, Google
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Latest projects

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